We Are Here For You

As experienced transportation brokers, we put your needs first. We’ll keep you working, serving as your point of contact with the shipper. Say goodbye to administrative load, phone calls and emails. With Absolute Transportation Services of America, you’ll gain stability without the hassle of dealing with shippers directly.

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At Absolute Transportation Services of America, we are standing by to connect you as a carrier to the ideal shipper for you. Contact us via the form below or give us a call at (405) 429-8122, and we’ll connect you with the perfect freight.


Take Control Of Your Business

By providing carrier services to Absolute Transportation Services of America, you can expect consistency in your business. We’ll keep you on the road and making deliveries in a way that fits your routine. Our extensive carrier-shipper network means that you can have the schedule you want.

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Carriers are the key link in modern supply chains. That’s why Absolute Transportation Services of America will keep you on the road with less downtime for administration. You can focus on hauling freight, and we’ll take care of the phone calls and emails for you. We offer our carriers 24/7 support and dispatch around the clock, as well.